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MSI Mission Statement

Precise determination of angles, distances, elevations, and geographic locations has been a key element in the development of human civilization. Surveying and mapping are essential requirements in the design, planning, and execution of all types of construction and civil infrastructure projects. MSI's focus is on providing innovative solutions to our customers in order for them to solve complex measuring and positioning problems.



MSI GEOBOT™ is a powerful application software designed for capturing, calculating, displaying, storing, and sharing three-dimensional data. GEOBOT software was created for land surveyors, civil engineers, contractors, GIS mappers, and other geospatial professionals involved with educational/ scientific research, forestry management, agriculture, environmental, archaeology mapping, real estate, emergency management, and/or utility assets locations. MSI GEOBOT software calculates and stores directions, distances, areas, elevations, volumes, latitudes/longitude, UTM, or State Plane Coordinates. Bluetooth® connectivity allows for cable free communication to external GNSS/ GPS receivers, rangefinders, or total stations.




When recording a location, the user selects a point feature or a point attribute from a previous defined table to define the object. There is no need to type the same code repeatedly. The user imports a feature code library or an attribute table and re-uses these values in all surveying/ mapping projects. Pictures, videos, voice messages, or text files provide additional information for each point collected. MSI GEOBOT application software stores and retrieves vast amount of geospatial data in real-time for immediate display.   MSI GEOBOT represents an innovative way of collecting field data by utilizing advanced mobile devices. Collected points, lines, polygons, and areas are displayed onto Google Maps or user defined custom background maps. The user can export stored data/information to common formats like ArcGIS®, CAD, DXF, CSV, and ASCII text files. Collected data/information is exported seamlessly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or as attachments to emails, which allows for faster processing and plotting.



Real-time display of GPS coordinates, satellites status and accuracy of positions - Real-time conversion from latitude/longitude to UTM or SPC (State Plane Coordinates) - Real-time conversion from ellipsoid heights to NAVD 88 elevations - Automatic storage of location with point number and feature codes/attributes - Easy-to-use interface using icons - Average DGPS/RTK readings for greater precision - Extensive import & export formats, such as CSV, TXT, SDR, DXF, SHP, etc. - GPS Sky plots and waypoint management - Points, lines, polygons, and areas shown on base maps - On-line user guide/knowledge base/FAQ’s - Free Trial Version is available worldwide through Google Play  

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